In the Covenant we renew the world!

Aurum Patris Shrine

It is fitting that the only shrine in Gauteng, the economic powerhouse of the country and home to the gold mines that gave it its claim to fame, should also carry the name Aurum Patris - Gold of the Father. Its name comes from a comment that the Schoenstatt founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich made when he visited South Africa in 1948. Upon seeing the gold mines that lined the Johannesburg landscape, he looked at fledgling Schoenstatt community and said: "These are my gold mines!"

Dedicated in 1975, the Aurum Patris shrine was built by the members of the Schoenstatt Movement. Not only did the members come together every Saturday for a year to lay the bricks and plaster the walls, but they also built the shrine with their own financial contributions, and more importantly, with many spiritual sacrifices, offered so that it this could become a place of grace for many.
This shrine has as its mission: "build from here a better world" - better world by promoting the values of family life, by providing a meaningful contribution and service to the Church and working towards a society that honours the dignity of each human person and fosters Fr. Kentenich's vision of the "new person in the new society."

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