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In the Covenant we renew the world!

A Heart United with GodCommemoration in Rome of the 50th Anniversary of Father Kentenich's DeathThis remembrance day was commemorated in
Schoenstatt Girls Youth Pamper Day Fundraiser (1 of 1)
FundraiserDuring February, the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth organized a fundraiser to raise money for an outreach project at a nearby parish
No time of the year is as strongly marked by humanity’s longing for light, for brightness, for silence, as the
Joy in the midst of joylessness Almost as if written on his face, Father Kentenich consistently reflected serenity, cheerfulness, and
A new roof for the Schoenstatt Sisters’ Provincial House The provincial house of the Schoenstatt Sisters in South Africa is
The Schoenstatt Movement in Cape Town celebrated the 50th anniversary of the death of Fr Joseph Kentenich. Archbishop Stephen Brislin was
50 Years ago. The last hour in the life of Father Kentenich. It was a Sunday morning, the Feast of
Impulses for Daily Living 2|2018 Father Kentenich -  one who enables us to love   Father Kentenich had space in
Youth yearn for "safe spaces" to discover their authenticity Young people today need a safe space where they can be
All Night Vigil
Cape Town Family revives all night vigils to pray for the world Do you ever look around at the world