A way of life

Nothing without you – nothing without

Joseph Kentenich

“I do what I can as best as I can – God and our Lady do the rest”

United with Mary

Living the Covenant of love is a way of life. God is love” (1 John 4:16) and He invites us into a living relationship with him. Accordingly, Mary shows us how we can love God and receive his love. In her, we see a person who is totally open to God and who exemplifies a way of life. Ultimately her life was a life in a covenant relationship. She was chosen to be the mother of Jesus and she constantly renewed her “Yes” to God the Father. She invites us to follow her path and enter into a covenant of love with her. In this way, we can help bring Christ into our modern world. The covenant of love is a mutual exchange in which Mary completely gives herself. Consequently whoever enters into a covenant of love with Mary experiences that they are not alone. They are untied with her and with the many members of the Schoenstatt Movement.

Something for everyone

In the course of its history over 20 different communities have developed. Each individual can find a place that best matches them. They can decide to what degree of commitment they are called to. Schoenstatt offers a great variety of activities and spiritual inspirations to all who open themselves to it. Religious, lay people, families and individuals, young and old are welcome to partake in various events according to their needs. Therefore they can draw strength and inspiration and perseverance for their personal way of holiness. Retreats, days of inspiration, monthly meetings are organized on a regular basis. They provide a space for discussion a personal reflection on Schoenstatt’s spirituality and how it can be applied to various ways of life. Social gatherings and fun days for children provide an opportunity to come together and enjoy our faith and each other!

Divine providence – our response to God’s call

God speaks to us in ordinary and extraordinary ways, we have the task to discover his will. Father Kentenich did not rely upon visions and extraordinary happens to find God will, he observed the everyday situations and learnt to discover God plans. Similarly, Schoenstatt members strive to follow Fr. Kentenich’s path to recognize God’s providence in every event and happening in the world. He was convinced that we encounter the loving plan of God in our own lives. As a result, he spoke of the “voice of the time, the voice of the soul and the voice of the order of being, the nature of things.” Every joyful or sorrowful experience has been anticipated and carefully considered by our loving Father. As a consequence is meant to bring us happiness in the end. God has great things in store for us.