In the Covenant we renew the world!

This shrine is an oasis of hope in a stark landscape. Situated in Hannover Park, in the Cape Flats, the Maryland Shrine was built in 1974 during Apartheid to give the people of the area sense of dignity and worth.
During the 1960s, the then Apartheid government forcibly removed people from the Cape Town city centre under the Group Areas Act, and resettled them on the outskirts of the city in desolate areas, cutting them off from their homes and the vibrant communities from which they came. The Shrine became a home for those who were felt abandoned and betrayed. Through the graces of the Shrine, the Blessed Mother came to their need.

The Shrine not only provides spiritual support, but the Centre alongside offers literacy classes, assists the children from the impoverished area and creates caring groups for those who are hurting from the suffering that comes with poverty as families are torn apart by drugs and crime. Various religious groups also use the centre for their activities.

Summit Road
Hannover Park
P.O. Box 24604
Lansdowne, W. Cape
Tel: 021 692 1180