Place of grace and pilgrimage

In the Covenant we renew the world!

What is Schoenstatt?

A Beautiful PlaceOriginal shrine

Schoenstatt is a German word meaning "beautiful place", it is a  place of grace and pilgrimage a religious center and a Shrine dedicated to Mary. The first Schoenstatt shrine, called the Original, or Mother Shrine is located in Germany, near Koblenz on the river Rhine. Furthermore it has become an international center welcoming pilgrims form all over the world and hosting international events.  During the past one hundred years all over the world replicas of the first Shrine have been built and blessed and the places where they have been erected have been named Schoenstatt. Thus these places have become spiritual centers of the international Apostolic Movement.

A Place of Grace

Original shrine Germany

THE SCHOENSTATT SHRINE is a special place of grace. It is the center and origin of the Schoenstatt work and especially relevant is that inthe Shrine Our Lady is venerated as “Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt”. From the Shrine God wants to direct a special stream of Grace into our time.Through Mary her offers us those graces which wen need to become strong personalities, able and ready to contribute to the formation of a world of love and peace. Those who visit this Shrine receive three special graces - the Grace of a home the grace of a Mission and the grace of Transformation. Countless people receive answers to their petitions and experience Mary’s motherly care, her guidance and her education.

A Place of Pilgrimage

Schoenstatt Original ShrineA pilgrimage is a journey a pilgrim makes to a sacred place for the purpose of encountering God, bringing petitions and offerings. Through the prayers and sacrifices of the first Schoenstatt members Schoenstatt has become a place of pilgrimage and a place of encounter with the blessed Mother and God our loving Father. Throughout the world the doors of the Shrine are open welcoming people from all different backgrounds to spend a moment in prayer. Therefore thousands of people cross the threshold of the Shrine each day bringing their prayers and gifts of love. Some people make yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily pilgrimages to Our Blessed Mother experiencing a time of peace in their lives and receiving answers to their prayers.