Structure of the Movement

In the Covenant we renew the world!

Father Kentenich founded Schoenstatt as a “movement of renewal which, from Schoenstatt, is to form the Church and world into Christ , as Mary did."

Father Kentenich's message to the Church and world is a stable structure of wise, daring and religious thoughts.


The movement called into existence by the founder is a living family, an organism that lives the ideas of its father. The structure of the Schoenstatt Family is formed by the God-given interplay of the orders of nature and grace.

In the natural order mankind is composed of men and women, children, youth and adults. Nature and grace move some to enter into marriage to become fathers and mothers; grace advises others to renounce marriage 'for the sake of the kingdom of heaven" without, however, depriving them of their nature.

Thus, the Schoenstatt Family is borne by four "pillars': families, women, men and priests.

 Each of these pillars is divided up into institutes, unions and branches of the league according to the varying degrees of their spiritual integration in the whole Schoenstatt Work and to the extent to which the members make themselves available for work in the movement, the Church and world.

Schoenstatt’s pilgrims' movement embraces every age group and walk of life.