Villa Maria

In the Covenant we renew the world!

Ver Sacrum Shrine

This Shrine is unique in South Africa because it was blessed by Fr. Kentenich even before it was built!

When Fr. Kentenich visited South Africa in 1948, he stayed at the Sisters' house which still stands on the property. This was when the founder encouraged the Sisters to build a shrine.

So intent was he on the need for daughter shrines that he blessed a spot at the bottom of the garden for the proposed Shrine, together with a foundation stone. This stone was broken into smaller pieces and one piece was placed inside the other shrines built in the country.
Although the Shrine was eventually built closer to the house, it is situated under the magnificent Table Mountain and close to South African parliament. It was blessed on 18 October 1952 by Archbishop Owen McCann.

For many it is an oasis in the bustle of the city, living up to its mission to be Ver Sacrum - a Holy Springtime. It is also one of the few places of prayer in city with is open all day and Adoration is available between most days from 12:00 until 6:00pm, allowing visitors to regain strength for their daily journey.

Villa Maria
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