Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt


The History of the Picture

Schoenstatt Shrine 2021

After Schoenstatt was founded in 1914, the young students who were now members of what was known as the Marian Sodality, requested either a picture or statue of Our Lady for the Shrine. Fr Joseph Kentenich, their spiritual director, mentioned this to a member of his community who donated a picture entitled “Refuge of Sinners” the artist being Luigi Crosio. The boys didn’t particularly like the picture, but encouraged by Fr Kentenich, they accepted it as a gift from Divine Providence. In April 1915, the picture was placed into the Shrine until “another one could be acquired”.

However, more than 100 years later, this picture has remained in the original Schoenstatt Shrine and is in every Shrine throughout the world. It is lovingly known as the MTA.

Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt Shrine Cathcart

She is MOTHER, because Jesus gave her to us as Mother as he was dying on the cross: “Behold your Mother” Jn 19:27. She is the greatest gift Jesus ever gave to us.

She is QUEEN, because she is the greatest and most beautiful of all creatures, being conceived immaculate. She is full of grace – filled with the love of God! After her Assumption she was crowned Queen of heaven and earth, because she is the Mother of Christ the King. She is Victress through the power God gave her to be victorious! She is victorious through and in us and overcomes all problems and difficulties.

She is Thrice Admirable as* The Mother of God (Eternal Son of God)

* The Mother of the Redeemer (Jesus)

* The Mother of the Redeemed (us)