Be Mary for the world

Fr. Kentenich

"God loves a joyful giver M.H.C!."

Who are we?

The community of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary was founded on 1st October 1926 by Fr. Joseph Kentenich in Germany. We are an Institute that lives a consecrated life, according to the evangelical counsels of the Church and Schoenstatt’s spirituality. The first Sisters arrived in South Africa in January 1934. Since then we have spread to all continents in 29 countries with vocations from 35 nations.

Fr. Kentenich

"Everything out of love with joy."

What do we do?

We work in the Marian formation of girls, women and families. Some of the sisters work full-time within the Schoenstatt Movement, while others also work in diverse fields in the Church and secular world. We also assist in the parishes and serve the Church through the formation of lay leaders.

All of our apostolic activity is underpinned by prayer, so that like Mary, we can help to renew the world through prayer, sacrifice and atonement.

Fr. Kentenich

"mother make me a master of prayer

Where can you find us?

In 1934 Fr. Kentenich sent the first Sisters to South Africa. Since then we have spread to all continents and have a presence in several parts of Africa too. In South Africa, we have five houses, three in Cape Town, one in Johannesburg and one in the Eastern Cape. We also have a property in Kenya and our sisters Travel there a few times a year to undertake apostolic work. 

Fr. Kentenich

"Love is my main vocation."