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Schoenstatt - A Place

A place of grace and pilgrimage

THE SCHOENSTATT SHRINE is a special place of grace, a Marian place of pilgrimage. It is the center and origin of the Schoenstatt work. In the Shrine Our Lady is venerated as “Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt”. Those who visit this Shrine receive three special graces – the Grace of a home the grace of a Mission and the grace of Transformation. Countless people receive answers to their petitions and experience Mary’s motherly care, her guidance and her education.

Over 200 shrines in over 30 countries

Schoenstatt Shrine Constantia

There are five Schoenstatt Shrines in South Africa

Schoenstatt - A Movement

from Small Beginnings to an International Movement

Born in an anonymous town on the banks of the River Rhine in Germany, Schoenstatt has grown to be worldwide movement of consecrated people at the service of life – both in the Church and society at large.

On 18 October 1914, on the eve of World War I, Fr. Kentenich and a small group of seminarians at the Minor Seminary in Schoenstatt, made a Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother to make her presence in a disused chapel. By making it her shrine, they asked her to “draw many youthful hearts” to herself and to distribute her graces to all who would visit this small chapel. In return they promised to bring Mary many small deeds of love and to work towards their self-sanctification.

Mary heard their plea and indeed transformed the abandoned chapel into a place of grace, which has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people in the last 100 years.

Schoenstatt - A way of life

United with Mary

Living the Covenant of love is a way of life. God is love” (1 John 4:16) and He invites us into a living relationship with him. Accordingly, Mary shows us how we can love God and receive his love. In her, we see a person who is totally open to God and who exemplifies a way of life. Ultimately her life was a life in a covenant relationship. She was chosen to be the mother of Jesus and she constantly renewed her “Yes” to God the Father. She invites us to follow her path and enter into a covenant of love with her. In this way, we can help bring Christ into our modern world. The covenant of love is a mutual exchange in which Mary completely gives herself. Consequently whoever enters into a covenant of love with Mary experiences that they are not alone. They are untied with her and with the many members of the Schoenstatt Movement.

"...and be for many people a sign, a bringer of light and joy!".

Fr. Kentenich
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