Schoenstatt Prayers

"In Father's heart always heavenwards!"

Fr. Kentenich


We dedicate each day to Our Lady
What I bear and what I suffer,
What I say and dare,
What I think and cherish,
What merit is my share,
What I gain through striving,
What is joy or pain
What I am and what I have
I give to you again,
That the stream of graces
From your sanctuary
May draw the hearts of men
Home to the Trinity.


My Queen, my Mother, I give myself entirely to you and to show my devotion to you, I consecrate to you this day, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, myself without reserve. As I am your own my good Mother, guard and defend me as your property and your possession. Amen

Prayer to The God of Providence

We place ourselves trustingly in the hands of the Heavenly Father and Our Lady:
You know the way for me,
you know the time,
into your hands I trustingly
place mine.
Your plan is perfect, born of
perfect love; you know the way
for me, that is enough.


In all our cares and troubles we confidently approach Our Lady
I trust your might, your kindness, Mother dear. I do believe that you are always near. Whatever happens, Mother mild, I blindly trust in you and in your Child.

Imitation of Mary

Mary is the example for a Christian life, therefore we pray:
Think thou in me, O Mother,
That my thoughts be clear and light;
Speak thou in me, O Mother,
That my speech be true and right;
Work thou in me, O Mother,
My work is then well done,
Then holy is my labour,
My rest a holy one.
Thou penetrate my being,
Fill every part of me,
That all thy ways and conduct
In me each one can see.

Let us be, O Queen, like you,
More and more your clear reflection:
Strong and noble childlike, true. Offering peace and joy, protection.
Yours the task in which we share:
Hearts for Christ help us prepare.


We are ready to serve God and his cause and pray:
Mother with thy Child Divine,
Descend upon this land of thine,
Let our love for thee increase
That we may have enduring peace.
Mother and Child, united in love,
Grant us rich blessings from
Heaven above.


Let us give thanks for all the blessings we have received in our lives:
For all your gifts accept our thanks, dear Mother,
Around your throne with grateful hearts we gather.
What would have happened if you had not cared,
Without our Mother how would we have fared?

For you have saved us when we were endangered,
Within our hearts the love for you engendered.
We thank you, Mother, may our thanks not end;
Take us, our love and life, into your hand.

Holy Spirit

Mary, in the midst of the apostles you powerfully interceded the coming of the promised Spirit, who transformed weak men and guided the Church on the road to victory. Open our hearts for the Spirit of God that he may change the course of the world.

Holy Spirit, you are the soul of my soul. I humbly adore you. Enlighten me, strengthen me, guide me, comfort me. Reveal your wishes to me as far as this is in accordance with the will of the Eternal Father. Show me what I should do. Show me what I should suffer. Show me what I should humbly and thoughtfully accept, bear and endure.

Holy Spirit, show me your will and the will of the Father. For I want my whole life to be nothing else than a continuous, and everlasting yes to the wishes, to the will of God the Eternal Father.

Oneness With Mary

O Mother, in your holy heart, deeply inscribe each name. And as a sign that we are yours write it with blood and flame. In love and childlike gratitude your name shall also be deeply inscribed within my heart for time and eternity. Amen.


Dear Mother Thrice Admirable Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, you have set up your throne in our Shrines and have made them into places where the true faith and Christian morals flourish. In a time of religious and moral decay throughout the world you are our hope.

As Queen of the world and Victress over the powers of Satan, you have entered into the spiritual battles of every century with your loyal followers and have overcome heresy, unbelief and immorality. Therefore, in this hour of greatest need in the world , we ask you to appear again on the battlefield as the Victress in God’s battles. Once again we place ourselves entirely at your service.

Our home and our people, as well as all the peoples throughout the world, are being led astray and threatened as never before by diabolical powers. Queen and Victress, accept the crown of victory as a sign of our unshakeable trust in your royal power and motherly care. Be victorious over Satan and his followers who want to enslave the whole of mankind and destroy it.

Dear Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, in this hour of utmost need and danger, we unite with our father and founder and consecrate our people to you on their behalf. Accept us as your possession, protect us from the malicious influence of diabolical powers. Lead us to true freedom and enduring peace. Overcome the crisis in our holy Church and help us to love her as our father did. Enter into the families of our people. Make them a refuge of living faith and protect life in them. Form young people for yourself who are pure and strong in faith. Throughout our country see to the preservation of truth and justice, order and morals in the Christian sense. Give heads of governments wisdom, justice and a great sense of responsibility for the good of their people and peace in the world.
Mother and Queen, accept us as your instruments. You have revealed the secret of your victorious power to us. We shall win this fight not with weapons in our hands, but as you did, with the sword in our hearts. Your victory was one of crucified love. Therefore we promise to pray and sacrifice for your cause. From your Shrines set up a world wide kingdom of the Father, the victorious power over the devil. Reveal your never ending love to our people. May we be purified and sanctified, and thus enter into noble competition with the neighbouring peoples to become your instrument in bringing about God’s victory over all diabolical powers. Glorify yourself and be triumphant throughout the world to the greater honour of the Triune God. Amen.

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