"This sodality chapel will become for us the cradle of our sanctity"

Fr. Kentenich

Origional shrine

THE SCHOENSTATT SHRINE is a special place of grace, a Marian place of pilgrimage. It is the center and origin of the Schoenstatt work. In the Shrine Our Lady is venerated as “Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt”. Those who visit this Shrine feel that she really is present in the shrine. All visitors also receive three special graces – the grace of a home, the grace of a mission and the grace of transformation. Countless people receive answers to their petitions and experience Mary’s motherly care, guidance and education.

Graces from the Shrine


Mary offers us all her love, shelters us in her motherly heart and helps us to be at home with God. In her loving faithful heart, we experience the intimacy and protection of a true home. We are filled with happiness and peace when we know we have a home. It becomes our resting place in the midst of life's unrest.
Schoenstatt MTA


The Blessed Mother is our Mother and Educator. She offers us the help we need for our spiritual renewal and our striving for perfection. She leads us on our way towards holiness in our everyday life. She guides us in our decision-making and keeps us faithful to our commitments. Mary helps us to free ourselves from the things that hold us down, leading us us to true inner freedom. She heals our hearts and fills us with faith, hope and love. More and more, she transforms us into true followers of Christ and teaches us genuine childlikeness before God the Father.


The more we become like Mary, the more we will be able to share in her mission. Mary offers us the grace of an apostolate that, like her, we can discover what God's plan is for our life and the ways in which we can bring Christ to the world, proclaim the good news and lead all people homeward to the Heavenly Father
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