Sister M. Emilie Newsletter

Sister M. Emilie creates a home

Thousands of people are seeking refuge. Already for a few years now and for different reasons, people have been leaving their homes. It is a migration of extraordinary proportions! People are looking for a new home. Politicians are looking for a solution to these problems that is hard to find. Each human being bears deep within the longing for a home, for love, for understanding, and for shelter. Young people as well as sick and elderly people often suffer from homelessness. For Father Kentenich, a home is bound up with places, people, and emotional experiences.  (cf J. Kentenich, Dass neue Menschen werden, 177ff)

As a socially engaged teacher, she had an eye for others

“During the previous century, in 1915, Germany experienced a severe time of starvation. Precisely during this time Emilie Engel took up her first teaching position in Boernig-Sodingen. She and her sisters, who were both teachers in Boernig-Sodingen, felt called to help. After all, they kept a lookout for the children who came to school in the morning – gaunt, wearing rags, barefoot, dirty, without breakfast – only sad faces!”